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                                FISHING FOR SMALL PANFISH, CATCH, CLEAN, AND COOK  
With turkey season behind us, it's time to turn our attention to fishing. With everyone having a full work schedule, it can be difficult to find time to get up to the lake. So an evening after work was the only prospect. Considering the freezer was empty, and we couldn't take a trip too far from home, we decided to bank fish for bluegills. Very obliging, they can offer quick action. They are also often overlooked as table fair. While they are not large, a stringer of these fish can provide a right good meal! So off we went, and we wound up with this video. After our trip to the lake, the cameras keep rolling to demonstrate how to clean these tasty panfish, and also a great way to prepare them for the table! Be sure to give them a try!

                                                                               A TURKEY HUNTING STORY  
So this spring turkey season was  extremely frustrating for Mike and Dana. While Michael tagged out out the first two days he hunted, the rest of our crew hasn't been so lucky. Hung up birds and other  problems plagued this spring season. As the final days of the season arrived, and still no tags used, a trip to the mountains of western Maryland found Mike having to tell the sad tale of a season that ultimately ended with no bird in the freezer. We hope you  join him as he spends the last few days pulling out all the stops to fill his tag by clicking below. If anything, the lessons of this season will serve well in the next!

                                                                                A LITTLE SPRING FISHING  
So we've been pretty busy working this spring, but once the thermometer hit's 80 and the skies clear, it's impossible to fight the urge to get up to the lake and do a bit of fishing. This adventure started out as an exploration of a new spot for crappie fishing. Things did not go as planned right from the start. As Mike cast his line and was filming a bit of intro for the the video, his line started bouncing. This was not noticed until the footage was being edited. As the evening progressed, the crappie bite did not materialize. A few yellow perch got hooked, and this spot deserves more exploration in that regards, but the highlight of the evening came as Michael latched onto a really nice largemouth bass! We didn't have a scale with us, but if this bass had to be at least five pounds if it was an ounce! Click below to join them on this trip!

                                                               DOWN HOME HERPING   
 So we know it might seem like we've been ignoring our fans who enjoy herping for a while. It's not intentional, we assure you. With Chris in Florida, Michael and Matthew both starting new jobs, it's been hard to find the time when everyone is available to get into the field. As it turns out, the herping desire is fairly strong. Michael has been herping as time permits, and we just discovered footage from a trip on his camera that had not, as of yet, been edited! So we wanted to lead our spring update off with this footage, since it has been a while since we produced a herping video. Most of the action was shot close to home, yet the trip produced some great finds, including several milk snakes, and snakes exhibiting some unusual basking behavior! We hopes this helps get you ready for the action that will be coming as the woods green up this spring. We know we are looking forwards to another season in the great outdoors!

                                         FISHING DEEP CREEK LAKE MARYLAND   
Not so very long ago, The Crew got together with a few good friends, and participated in what has been a lot of fun over the years for us. A summer vacation in the mountains of western Maryland at Deep Creek Lake. Just a few hours away from us, the lake offers fishing for a multitude of species, and we've filmed several videos there over the years, Including Frugal Fishing 2.4, while we fished from kayaks, also Frugal Fishing 6.6, as well as parts of Big Bluegills in HD. The lake is a good destination for walleye and pike, it's also teaming with big yellow perch and monster bluegill. While not an easy lake to fish, we used the methods we describe in our series How to Fish Unfamiliar Water to figure it out years ago, and have filled the freezer there ever since, every time we go. It has been several years since we visited, but the big news is that we plan yet another trip back again this coming summer. I'm sure our next trip will produce more video, and I sure hope it's as good to us as it's been in the past. Until we get our next trip under our belts, be sure to click below and join us enjoying the fantastic fishing this lake offers!
                                                                    HERPING THE SPRING EMERGENCE   
 As spring gets started, it can be a fantastic time to get into the field and enjoy some herping. It all starts with the spring salamander migrations, and you can find a link to the video of an early spring trip exploring those on our Home Page. In this video, Michael and Desiree get out a little later in the process, finding a myriad of creatures getting their season started. It all winds up with a trip to snake den, where they find themselves in the presence of numerous pit vipers, a mixture of rattlesnakes and copperheads soaking up the suns warmth in an effort to become active after their long winter sleep. You're not going to want to miss this adventure! Be sure, we'll be in the field with the cameras rolling to bring you more soon!
Below you will find links to a variety of videos we have filmed on past outdoor adventures! We hope you can get out there and have some fun in the great outdoors this spring, but if you find yourself stuck inside because of bad weather, or otherwise sidetracked, be sure you can still get out there with us by clicking the thumbnails provided  

One of the most fascinating salamnders in the lower 48 is know as the Hellbender. It has the distinction of being the largest North American salamander, and had been a target for Michael's herping adventure for some time. He located them in a BIG way in this video. Click below and joim him as he explores the fascinating world of the Hellbender, and some of the challenges they face.


One of the most popular videos we have published to date was an adventure Chris and Michael took in Florida. They travel by canoe to an island where the cottonmouth snake abounds! You can click below and join them on this adventure, as they explore the domain of this feared pit viper!


A big highlight of the spring season is turkey hunting. This is a fantastic adventure, filled with highs and lows as the hunter trys to lure his quarry into range immitating the calls of his mate. It can be frustrating to say the least, the challenge is compounded hunting public land with other hunters on the prowl. Join Mike as he documents a spring season on public land, offering  tips along the way, and walks away with a fine bird indeed

                A MILE HIGH MERRIAM             

A few years ago, Dana won a trip to a Colorado ski resort! Plans were made! Excitement was high! Mike procrastinated. The only time they wound up being able to book was in the spring. But that turned out to be a blessing. J&D Outfitters had some openings for spring turkey hunting, and Dana was able to bag her first wild turkey. Use the link above to access the video of this fantastic hunt they had out west!

                   RUTCATION 2018                    

During the fall, much of our attention is focused on hunting. We take off time from work to chase deer during the whitetail rut, which is what their breeding season is called. But other seasons like duck and small game are open as well. In Rutcation 2018, we share some video of all the action we enjoyed, and end up taking a small buck for the freezer!

Above we mentioned that we had learned to fish
Deep Creek Lake using the methods in our
How To Fish Unfamiliar Waters series. Click the
link or thumbnail below to acess the videos that describe
these tactics. If you're new to fishing, or just
curious how to find fish on a new lake you've 
been having trouble with, these videos are for you!

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