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                                                                          FISHING FOR GIANT CATFISH  
         As summer ended, Mike and Michael found themselves back at what is quickly becoming one of their favorite fishing holes. Fletcher's Boathouse is located on the Potomac River, just outside of the Nation's Capital in Washington D.C. They offer inexpensive rowboats that have been the ticket to some fantastic fishing! While this video showcases some of the great fishing for the behemoth blue catfish that call this section of the river their home, these are not the only fish that can be caught here. Everything from walleye to striped bass haunt these waters. The spring shad runs are incredible, non-stop action, and Frugal Fishing 6.1 was filmed at this same location. We hope you enjoy tagging along on this trip. It wont be our last, that's for sure. Perhaps you will get a chance to try it out for yourself!
                                                                             SURF FISHING HATTERAS  
The outer banks of North Carolina are a world class surf fishing destination. But did you know that fall offers some of the best fishing of the year at OBX? We found that out a few years ago. We took a break from our tree stands, and made a trip down to Hatteras island in mid October. While the weather is still mild this time of year, and the water is quite warm, the fishing was off the hook! This video documents our fall adventure to the outer banks, but fishing was not the only activities that were available for our gang. The crew could not resist heading off the beach to enjoy some herping in the maritime forests. The fall fishing we discovered in this video was so good, a good friend, Bert, and Mike took Bert's young son Robert the following fall for his first camping trip ever. They enjoyed the very nice campgrounds available here and some great fishing action as they filmed Frugal Fishing 4.5. Join them on this journey, as well as the others by using the links provided in this caption!  
                                                                PREPARING FOR ARCHERY SEASON  
As deer season approaches, there is much to do. Planning, scouting, getting set up. This is just a short list of the things that go into making your season a success and putting meat in the freezer. This year, Dana plans to graduate from hunting on the ground to hunting from an elevated stand, so Mike and Michael had to get that put into place well before the season opened too. We wanted to share a short video of some of the things we do to get ready, in the hopes that you may pick up a tip or two that could help you along the way to taking a few deer home with you as well. We hope to have some videos made in short order hunting from the stand we placed in this video, so keep your eyes out. More coming soon!
                                                                DEER SEASON IS HERE!  
Fall is highly anticipated in the Camochair camp! With the cooler weather, and shorter days, deer become more active during daylight hours.. This is good, because hunting seasons kick into gear this time of year. The traditional start of the year is the dove and resident goose season opener. For us, this begins in September, followed shortly thereafter by the archery season for deer. As the leaves begin to blush, the deer prepare for their mating season, or the rut. This is when the typically nocturnal mature bucks start prowling for does during the day. Mike plans to continue his quest for a Public Land Pope and Young buck. He has been trying for a few years to accomplish this difficult task of taking a trophy buck with archery tackle, on public hunting land, while self filming his hunt. To date, he has gotten close, taking a buck that measured in with 100 inches of antler, just 25 inches short of his goal. If your looking for tips and tactics for hunting public land, use the link provided to this series. He provides plenty of hunting and scouting tips along the way as he watches the does and smaller bucks under his stand waiting for Mr. Big, and arrows a very fine buck indeed in episode seven. Below you will find an assortment of links to some of our past hunts that we committed to video. We hope you enjoy these, as we are planning on spending a good bit of time in the field filming more of them this fall. Be sure to give them a look! 

Our deer season here in Maryland allows a hunter to take one buck. Upon filling that tag, the hunter is eligible to purchase and use a bonus buck tag for a second buck, but must fill two doe, or female deer tags before using it to help control the deer that are overpopulated in our state. Join Mike on the hunt as he fills his doe tag in order to meet this requirement!


In this video, Dana takes to the woods with her crossbow and arrows a deer for our freezer. We enjoy the delicious free range meat from the animals we harvest, and share one of my favorite recipes for a hearty venison stew at the end of this hunt. Be sure to give it a try, you wont be disappointed!


Dana is back in her ground blind, with Mike in a tree stand not too far away. As the hunt unfolds, she puts a good hit on a buck that had the misfortune of stepping out in range of her crossbow.



Mike and Dana take to the woods in this video, and as deer venture in to their locations, they both manage to arrow a deer to put some more tasty venison in the freezer! After the hunt, Michael joins us in the kitchen with instruction on how you can use your fall bounty to make tasty burger for your freezer. Be sure to check it out!

So, the season is underway, and all your scouting and efforts were for naught. Your not seeing deer, and it's becoming discouraging. Don't give up! In this video, Mike offers tips and tactics that can put you in the middle of the action even if you think your behind the curve. He takes to the woods in late October, and with just a day dedicated to scouting some public land manages to put a decent eight point buck under his stand! Don't stay tied to that unproductive tree all season and come up empty. Watch this video and improve the odds of putting meat in the freezer!

As promised on the Home Page, we do

have a fall herping trip in the works. In the meantime,

while everyone is waiting for some fresh herping content,
we don't want you to loose interest. We mentioned that

on our fall trip to Hatteras for surf fishing, there was some

herping done. 

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Herping The Outer Banks!


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