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                                                                          WINTER HERPING IN TENNESSEE   

As our move to Tennessee got underway, the crew was recruited to lend a hand. Matt and Siobhan, along with Michael volunteered to help load the rental truck and get a run of furniture and boxes down the road. Of course, with our new home state being known as the salamander capital of the world, their free day was spent herping. While winter was setting in, the climate here provided some decent weather to head out exploring. Starting on our new property, they made some good finds, and even came up with a surprise! They then moved locations to the nearby Tellico river. The goal of this trip was to find a species unique to this area, the Tellico Salamander, found only on the western slopes of the Unicoi mountain range. They not only enjoyed success and located it, but they also enjoyed finding many other creatures that call these mountains their home! Be sure to click below and join them on what's sure to be the first of many trips exploring, scouting, herping and hunting the amazing area we are blessed to call our new home!


                                                                                      WINTER TROUT FISHING  

Winter may not seem like the time of year to put fresh string on the reel and head down to spend an afternoon at the local lake. But it can sure pay off if you watch the local trout stocking schedule! We don't get ice thick enough to fish on here, but as long as the lake isn't covered with a thin layer of ice, the cold temperatures don't keep us inside when we get the notice the trout are being put in! Join us lakeside on an icy cold winter day as we fight the frostbite off our fingers to put some fresh fish on the stringer!

                                                                           DEER SEASON 2022 CONTINUES   

As the hectic activities and schedule presented by the upcoming move mentioned on the Homepage continued, we found ourselves on the road, back and forth in rental trucks trying to clear out one house and fill the other up. This of course forced us to miss some of the hunting seasons in progress. That could be the worst part of the whole deal, and we hope it's just a one-off. But after Michael helped us truck some of the furniture down the road, he headed back north. He then found some time to get out in the field and do some hunting, taking over for Dana culling deer in the residential area she had been hunting this season. This was a special hunt indeed, as he manages to self film his first hunt on this trip. Not only that, but he stretched our 2022 deer season into 2023, taking the first deer of the New Year! Will this be the final deer of the year in our series? Only time will tell, but be sure to click below and join him on this great hunt!


                                                                                            HERPING INDONESIA  

As this winter progressed, and we were busy trying to get our relocation accomplished, Chris took what many would consider to be a trip of a lifetime! He's no stranger to international travel though. His last trip was to the Galapagos Islands where he encountered many of the creatures that area of the world is known for, like the Marine Iguana in it's natural habitat. You can use the link provided above to join him on that amazing trip! But it seems his ecotourism has continued. He traveled to Indonesia on a Cobra Quest, and the video below is the result! Join him as he travels through the rice paddies and jungles of Borneo and encounters all sorts of amazing reptiles and amphibians, and even Orangutan swinging from the trees!

                                                            PUBLIC LAND TREESTAND PLACEMENT  

As hunting seasons draw to a close, and the coldest air of the season sets in, it often seems like the best thing to do is pack away the hunting gear and take a bit of time to reflect on what went right, and what you could have done better. But that's probably a mistake. Right after the deer season closes is one of THE BEST times to get back in the field and start scouting. Especially if you hunt public lands. The pressure from the season has pushed the deer into their escape mode, and the sign you find right after the season closes can tell you exactly where you need to be when it opens again. In the video below, Mike walks you through the process of scouting a piece of unfamiliar public land. Follow along with him on a video that took almost a year to complete. In it he shares a process that has filled more than one tag for him over the years, and winds up with a nice doe wearing his tag on the first hunt the following fall! 

                                                                SCOUTING FOR SPRING TURKEY SEASON  

Continuing with the scouting theme, deer are not the only scouting you can get done over the winter. If you're an avid turkey hunter, you've probably got those honey holes that pay off again and again as the woods green up. But it always pays to scout new areas for turkey, in case another hunter winds up calling that secret spot his go-to next year, or the birds simply wont cooperate. We know that this winter, we'll be needing to do some serious scouting for birds in our new part of the country! Get a few tips on finding wild turkey on new ground in the video below, and increase the odds of having  Thanksgiving next May!

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             FLY FISHING IN ALASKA                

Winter can be a great time to start planning a trip for next summer. This video resulted from a trip Dana was surprised with as a Christmas present a few years ago. She had always wanted to travel to Alaska, so a trip was booked to travel their and see the sites. Mike decided a trip to Alaska would be a great way to spend some time at a dry cabin doing some fishing as well. So they deviated from the package and wound up in a remote wilderness setting off the Chena river teaching themselves to fly fish! It turned into a very memorable trip, and it was all caught on video! Why not use your downtime this winter plan the trip of a lifetime this winter yourselves?


              FISHING NORRIS LAKE                 

Who would have thought that a trip planned over the winter could cause such a disruption in ones life? But this one did. This video is the product of our first visit to Tennessee. We all had a great time, and caught a bunch of fish, even shooting a second video here for our Frugal Fishing Series. We had no idea that this trip would result in our returning for a number of years, and then deciding to relocate there! Who knows, perhaps we'll wind up fishing here again. It's now a whole lot closer! Click below and join us!

          DECEMBER DOVE KABOBS           

We may have already mentioned that hunting seasons slow down and begin to close as winter sets in. But hopefully there's some game in the freezer already, scroll down and find ways to process your spoils. It can also be a good time to take advantage of the late splits for migratory game birds. Above, we posted a video from a late season duck hunt Mike enjoyed. But dove also come to mind. They've provided fast, late season action on more than one occasion, and great table fare! Click this link for a late season dove hunt and recipe  or this one for our Recipes Included play-list, to find many more ways to prepare game and fish! 

dove kabobs

                                                                                SNAKEHEADS AND CATFISH          

While we will be making our new home well away from the Chesapeake Bay, we are already planning a trip back to that destination next summer! Our fishing season would not be complete without a weekend fishing for snakeheads! Delicious on the table, we know Michael will join us. But Matthew surprised us, tried them, and says he wants to try fishing for them as well! He may even drag Siobhan along, and when you get those three together a Herping Maryland video just may result in addition to the fishing! Why not plan on trying this yourself! 


As winter kicks in and hunting seasons end,

it's time to sort the freezer and start processing.

One of the benefits of living the outdoor lifestyle is

bringing game and fish to the table. With prices

going through the roof for everything, the clean,

self-renewing, non polluting food sources we

utilize in this fashion not only helps with being

more self sustaining, but it can also shave those

grocery bills down a bit! Even more savings can

be had if you do your own processing! We know

it can be a bit overwhelming to get started at this

from experience, so we put together our play list

How To Process Fish And Game. Filled with tips

on getting your bounty ready for the freezer, it will

aid the novice in getting started, or perhaps offer

some tips to those who are a bit more experienced

get it done a bit faster. These videos also include

tips on grinding burger, or making you own venison

sausages at home!  Beginner or old hand, be

sure to link through and give these videos a look!
grinding burger

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