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O.K. I admit it. At times I find myself envious, even jealous of the pro-hunters and fisher folk that made the big time. They get to hunt or own expansive tracts of private ground and hunt the big name ranches. Basically do the things that I dream about doing.


Trapped in a workaday world, an average outdoorsman has to squeeze a busy schedule just to find time to slug it out on the public lands and small tracts of private property that one has been lucky enough to garner permission to enter. I`m sure that many of you out there can relate to this. 


That`s one of my reasons for this project. I want to give some insight into the other side of outdoor adventures, the side not often seen in the hunting and fishing shows on the T.V. While we may scrimp and save to charter a boat, or take a guided hunt, we're basically  trying to enjoy the outdoors on layman's terms, sharing those adventures with you!


                                                             BANK FISHING NORRIS LAKE    

Our move to Tennessee may seem sudden, but that certainly is not the case. We decided quite a few years ago on this state as our retirement destination. The slower pace and abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation were a big part of that decision. We came to this conclusion after visiting the state on vacations for many years. Below you'll find a video of some fishing we did on one of those trips!