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                                                                                                         SUMMER 2022  

Summer is here, and so are all the great outdoor activities you can enjoy this time of year! The list is endless, but here at the Camochair camp, fishing is right up there at the top of it! With the price of fuel being what it is, many of those trips may be a little closer to home than they have been in past seasons, but we plan on being on the water quite a bit this year, rolling cameras as we reel in our catches. Well, everyone but Dana. She had a hernia operation, and a bit of an infection set in after that, and that resulted in a brief inpatient hospital stay that had us all very concerned. We are pleased to report that she is doing much better at the time of this posting, and is looking forward to joining us out there as soon as she is up to it. In the meantime, we're looking forward to being able to out fish her while she is out of action and recuperating. As we make those videos, we'll be including fishing tips that will help you put more fish on your stringer so you can shave a bit off those ever increasing grocery bills! Every little bit helps!

Pinching pennies on food and fuel is always on our minds, so we'd like to refer you to the videos on our Frugal Fishing page. These videos not only offer fishing tips to put more fish on the stringer, and take the edge off the grocery bill, but money saving tips that can help take the sting out of filling that tank as well!

Several new videos are posted with this update. In one, Michael proves you never know what you'll catch when you go fishing, pulling in a very interesting non-native species! You'll find that Mike also has a new video posted, as he gets his summer scouting underway for the 2022 deer season. Don't let the heat keep you out of the woods, now is the time to fine tune those hunting spots. Deer season will be here before you know it! We also have an addition from Matt, who along with Siobhan  provide us video of a herping trip filmed on a trip to the mountains of western Maryland. You can find these most recent uploads by using this link to our Now Playing Page. There you will also find a few older videos of some special summer adventures we  enjoyed in the past, as well as new content as it's created. You will also find additional videos by using the links on our "Crew" page, to see a video each member had a hand in producing! 

We hope some of that new content this summer will include Desiree, and we will also be trying to encourage Chris to spend a little less time at work and send us a memory card every now and then. We would really like to have some more video from him to add to our Herping Florida series! 

As you browse the content we have posted here at our site, know we're working hard to bring you more as often as possible! So be sure to check back for more in between the summer adventures you enjoy! 

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                               SUMMER IS HERE! GET OUT AND ENJOY IT!                               

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  FISHING FOR SNAKEHEADS                    A HERPING TRIP                             SCOUTING FOR DEER

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