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  FALL 2015  

It is still very green in the woods as this is being written. At these latitudes, fall wont begin in earnest until late October. We eagerly await the glorious fall colors that signal another impending whitetail rut. With a little luck, it will allow an opportunity to put closure to the Public Land Pope and Young series. This series has suffered from a bit of neglect the past few seasons, but the videos produced and posted already do contain excellent scouting and hunting tips and strategies for bow hunting whitetail deer on public lands. We hope you will enjoy the videos in this series already online, as we work on producing more. But that is by no means the total of what you can expect this fall season. With this update you are going to find that our "Now Playing" section is full of fall themed videos. One of our latest releases, featured with this update, is titled How To Grind Deer Burger, find it located near the top of that page. In this video you'll join us on an early season archery hunt, and then travel back home with our bounty as we provide a "how to" guide on processing burger from the venison you work so hard for. If you take several deer a year, doing your own butchering can help save you quite a bit of money! We may explore more videos on processing game as time allows this fall. Be sure and let us know if that would interest you. We have also included a few other early season deer hunts that end with other great recipes for venison. We posted these early on so that they may be of use to you this fall. It is our hope that you will be blessed with a few deer of your own, so you'll have a few new recipes to try them out with! But fall certainly is not just about deer hunting.

We have other adventures planned. We started our Frugal Fishing series for this year last fall, fishing at Lake Lanier Georgia, and continued the fall fishing trend to  finish the series up. Fall can be a great time to catch those lunkers as they feed up for the long winter, so we may do a full length fishing video when we reach our other destinations as well! It's looking like this is going to be a fantastic fall season!
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Fall is here! Be sure to get outside and enjoy the great weather!

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