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  SUMMER 2015  

Summer. No School. Vacations. Beaches. Snakes, frogs, lizards??? Well, it may not be some folks idea of fun, but summer is a great time to be outdoors herping, or searching for these creatures. They become more active and easier to find during the warmer weather. Our crew got an early jump on the summer herping season this year, traveling to the desert southwest, where summer rarely takes a break. You can find some of the action filmed on that trip in our latest release, Herping California Two: After Sunset, uploaded and ready for viewing in our "Now Playing" section. The snake hunting begins with a desert sidewinder, and continues non-stop into the night. See Herping California One: Daylight Hours while your there. It is also filled with many fascinating creatures. The herping is sure to continue here at home this summer as well. We have several more videos in the works, and we'll be trying to finish up our Herping Maryland series, to include several notable omissions.

Summer is also the time to grab that rod and reel and head out for some fishing! There is no better way to beat the summer heat than with your favorite cold drink in hand, kicking back in the shade, waiting for that next bite! You'll find we have posted Frugal Fishing 5.4, another addition to our series catching fish for the freezer and sharing money saving, and fishing tips along the way. It's posted on our Frugal Fishing page. We plan to continue working on this series into summer. We also have plans to begin a new project. Before posting this update, we returned to Deep Creek Lake, a favorite destination of ours for many years. You'll find our video from that trip, that includes tips and tactics that could help you fill your cooler as well, is now posted on our "Now Playing" page.  Revisiting the lake to film some great fishing action, we had an idea. As time allows, produce a series on fishing different lakes in our region and around the Country. We will see if our schedules, and bank accounts, actually allow this to happen. Check out our current videos, there is more on coming soon!

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Dove season is just around the corner! Click here and join us on a great hunt from a few years ago, and be sure to try the recipe provided at the end!

Summer is here, so get out there and have some fun! When you have a bit of down time click below and 

                  Snake Hunting                                              Catching Blue Crabs                                    Fishing for River Monsters

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