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  MID-SUMMER 2014  

Summer has been humming along for us here. There has not been time at all to kick back and relax in that camouflage easy chair this year! We have gotten several more Frugal Fishing videos completed since that punishing rain we had this past spring subsided. We have also been adding to our Herping Maryland series (which now has it's own dedicated page here at the site) and will continue work on that project this year as well. But the big news is the adventure Dana and I had just recently. Alaska was the destination for this one.

A place Dana had always wanted to see, and a sportsman's paradise, she didn't have to twist my arm too hard to talk me into that one. It made for a nice Christmas/ Anniversary/ Birthday surprise! We toured the Denali backcountry, and fished Wonder Lake at the base of Mt. McKinley! The myriad of wildlife we saw will make a video of it's own! Playing tourist, we rode the Alaskan Railroad from there to Fairbanks. When we arrived there, we moved on to enjoy a remote wilderness fishing experience. Staying off the grid in a dry cabin, we taught ourselves how to fly fish! You'll find this video, Fly Fishing Alaska; Arctic Grayling in our Now Playing section. This will be the first of many videos from our Alaska trip to come over the course of this summer. So if there is anything you've been putting off watching, give it a view now. We'll be rotating older material off in favor of new material just as quickly as it gets edited.

If that's not enough, we have another big fishing adventure planned for this fall. Let's not forget, just around the corner we also have fall, and the hunting seasons sneaking up on us. Our archery season for deer will be opening in just a month or so, and I plan to pick up my quest for a Public Land Pope and Young buck this fall, as well as doing some freezer re-stocking just as soon as possible, so more hunting videos are on the way! 

So enjoy what we have posted to date, and get ready for a whole lot more in the very near future!  



Deer Season is almost here! Click here and join Dana on a fantastic early season archery hunt!

Matt and Siobhan were recently married! Matt asked her to marry him on a herping trip, they spent part of their honeymoon herping as well. You'll find Honeymoon Herping in our "Now Playing" section. We will also be working on, and posting videos of Michael and Chris  as they continue  their latest project, Herping In Maryland. This series will explore herping in all the the different geographic regions of Maryland. Be sure to see all the espisodes in this series and get ready for more to be posted, just click below for

The Herping Maryland Series



2014 is the final year of the Maryland Amphibian and Reptile Atlas project.

You can get more info on helping with the final year of MARA by using these links.


This summer we will be working on our Frugal Fishing Series, filled with tips that can save you money, as well as help you catch more fish. If you enjoy your time on the water as much as we do, you'll want to follow the action as we explore various fresh and salt water venues this year. You can see the first few videos filmed in 2014, as well as the past few seasons, by visiting the Frugal Fishing Page while your here.

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