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   SUMMER 2016   


This summer is looking to be a fantastic one from every point of view. After the rain dampened spring we had to endure here in the mid-Atlantic area, we are ready to grab the cameras, get back into the great outdoors, and enjoy all that they have to offer.  Michael's already gotten off to a great start! We have several new videos posted in our "Now Playing" section. For all our reptile and amphibian fans, you'll find Herping Delmarva posted there, as well as a return trip to the great state of Tennessee by scrolling down a bit, brought to you by Matthew and Siobhan.  We also just returned from our anticipated trip to Florida, and have posted several videos from that trip, with more to follow very soon. On the top of the page, you can join Chris as he does a fantastic job taking us herping for a close look at the invasive species problems created by non-native reptiles and amphibians. Just below that, you'll find Dana engaged in a battle with a 100+ pound tarpon that runs up onto a beach full of swimmers! After an epic battle that lasted an hour and a half, she brings the beast to boat-side, where our guide Captain Matt Ercoli hoists it from the water for a few quick pictures before it's release. Not only did Dana land a nice one, but Mike did as well. We also managed to get the cameras out  and created a new video for our Frugal Fishing series on our visit as well. Those videos are in the editor and will be released as we find time to edit them, so check back for more great action from Florida in the near future. While this is happening, we will be squeezing in time to scout for that big buck I'm still chasing to complete my Public Land Pope and Young series.  Use the links provided here to get caught up on the action. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page, and you'll find links to even more great content captured on enjoyable summer days spent afield with family and friends.

     You can be sure as your doing that, we'll be working to keep the batteries charged to bring you more! 

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