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  WINTER 2014  

My how quickly time has passed since our fall update. Seems like I was just posting that update, full of anticipation for this years whitetail rut, and shooting some video for my Public Land Pope and Young series. Well hello Mr. Murphy, and your law. I had a few weeks off work in November. A few days into my vacation, I was headed into the woods, and did nothing but bend under a low hanging branch. I did not, however, make it back up onto my feet. My lower back had seized up worse than an engine with no oil in it. I collapsed to my knees and almost blacked out. Dragging a big buck, a back injury may have been expected. But just walking along? It had in fact happened though, and serious pain quickly became an issue. Unable to stand, I managed to crawl up on a deadfall and phone Michael, who was a short distance off. With his aid, and a stout limb for a crutch, I limped back to the truck and off to the doctor. This led to spending most of the next two weeks flat on my back, eating muscle relaxers and doing rehab exercises. As fate would have it, about two days before returning to work, I was back on my feet. Needless to say, there was not much hunting or filming done on this vacation, and this event put a serious pinch on our freezer. Since I do much of the processing of deer our whole family brings in, everyone else was put on hold as well, because I could not sit up and cut meat. Our focus became trying to remedy this situation when our firearms season opened a few weeks later. We are pleased to say, with some serious effort on the part of the team, we put a few deer in the freezer, even managed to shoot a video! Firearms hunting is something we don't do much of, often filling our freezer with our bows before it opens. It was, however, a blessing this year. Firearms Deer Hunting 2014, our latest video effort is posted with this update. See it on our "Now Playing" page. We hope you'll join us. There you will also find the collection of other videos we are featuring this winter. We will do our best to have a few more shortly.

As hunting season winds down and the dead of winter creeps in, we hope you'll find time to enjoy a few of our videos. While my injury may have prevented doing as much hunting and filming as I would have liked during deer season, there is still a good bit of late season action to be had in the duck marsh and uplands.

                         Be sure we will be out and about with our cameras to capture the action to post here. 


The BEST time to scout is right after the hunting season closes. Cilck here and watch Public Land Treestand Placement for some tips on finding the right set up.

This past spring, Matt and Siobhan were married! Matt asked her to marry him on a herping trip, and they spent part of their honeymoon herping as well. Click here and join them  on their first solo effort
Honeymoon Herping
Michael and Chris  continue to work on their personal herping project for our site.

 This series explores herping in all the the different geographic regions of Maryland. Be sure to see all the espisodes in this series. We have recently decicated a page here at the site just for these videos. Click below for 

The Herping Maryland Series


We know you enjoy your time outdoors as much as we do. Get out there and have some fun this winter. When you get a break in the action, be sure to check in and join us on some of our outdoor adventures! We'll be posting fresh content as often as our schedules allow! 

Use these quick links to access a few of our videos,or visit the "Now Playing" page for more outdoor action!

         Join us Fishing for Crappie                                   Herping Tennessee                                         for a tasty venison recipe


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