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One of my twin sons, and an avid hunter and fisherman, Michael's participation with the Camochair project is indeed invaluable. I am sorry to say that for the foreseeable future, his ability to continue working on our videos will be somewhat limited as he embarks on his new career. But I'm sure he will find time to fit in a few herping or other outdoor adventures in there somewhere!

Be sure to visit our page for the Herping Maryland series and see the videos already published in this series. Michael was at the helm of this project. There are some plans to continue filming a few new installments, as a few species we would like to have included were omitted, leaving room for more. Our fingers are crossed he will find the time! 

You can also click the following link to enjoy Michael's self produced series
Never Ending Herping

                                               HERPING THE SPRING EMERGENCE   

While Michael does have a very busy schedule, his fascination with snakes and reptiles remains insatiable. This past spring, he found some time to head out on a herping trip to explore the creatures emerging from their winter hibernation. Be sure to click below and join him on this adventure!