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Whitetail deer, Buck 14 points non-typical buck

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What can I say about my partner in life, without getting myself in trouble, of course. A message to all you guys out there, if you find a gal that can field dress a whitetail herself in under 10 minutes, KEEP HER

Dana is quite the hunter in her own right, and manages to fill the freezer for us with venison while Mike messes about with the video gear instead of concentrating on getting the pin set on the boiler room. 

But she is also an avid fisher-woman. With her recent hernia surgery we mentioned on the homepage, it looks like she may be sitting things out for a little while. We hope she's back in action soon! Until then, you can join her below as she enjoys some great fishing with the gang on one of our favorite lakes! 


Over the years we've enjoyed a lot of good times on Maryland's Deep Creek Lake. We often gather the whole crew,  along with a few good friends, rent a house and a boat, then spend a week filling the cooler with fish for the freezer. But this trip was really special with Dana landing a real hog of a bass!